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The Vision

Design and construction are monumental industries. They focus their attention towards building an unimaginable future while sharing the priceless trait of foresight. Yet their promise of greatness is somewhat overshadowed by some significant industry challenges. These are:

  • The lack of useful media content for design and construction professionals;
  • The increasing complexity of buildings and environments;
  • The continuation of design and construction professionals operating in separate silos;
  • The unbalanced media coverage between design and construction; and
  • A lack of understanding of the value of these industries in the public’s eyes, due to poor communication and transparency.

If we are measured on what we leave behind, it should come as no surprise the importance of a single media source that is driven to reconcile these challenges. And so, Constructive Deconstruction was born.

With a mission to advocate valuable design and construction thinking, Constructive Deconstruction is a learning platform that demystifies the professional industries that goes into creating, developing and building our physical environment at large.

Constructive Deconstruction hopes to empower professionals within their respective disciplines to create better opportunities for themselves through employing more collaborative practices. This starts with good communication – by having a better understanding of other professionals who participate in the design and construction landscape. Additionally, Constructive Deconstruction hopes to support professionals and the immense value they bring to these industries through providing continued learning in the ever-evolving professional environment.

By delivering on this vision, the balance between design and construction media coverage can begin to be restored, helping to communicate and further reinforce the value that these industries provide to the greater public.

The Values

Constructive Deconstruction has highlighted five key values that are central to information published via this platform in order to deliver on its vision. These are:

  • Valuable weekly thinking – in the form of Insights, Lessons, Exclusives, Urbanism and Features, which showcase design and construction knowledge, skills, experience and professional attitudes;
  • Accessible information – making the industries complexities clearer and easier to comprehend;
  • Inter-disciplinary – information published has a global scope and is inclusive of all individuals that contribute towards the built environment;
  • Balanced information – between the artistry behind design thinking and the pragmatics behind construction thinking; and
  • Communication – providing information in order for the public to better understand what design and construction professionals do, thus breeding more confidence in the value of the work that we do.

By following these values, Constructive Deconstruction will begin to build a resourceful body of design and construction thinking that is receptive to all parties involved in place-making, helping to support continued professional development and business productivity long into the future.

The Voice

Thomas Denhardt – Author and Creative Director

With over a decade of experience established in both the design and construction industries through academia, professional writing and architectural practice, it was an instinctive transition to harness the power of technology and launch the Constructive Deconstruction platform. Now a licensed New Zealand Commercial-Industrial Architect in Auckland city with a strong proclivity towards Urbanism, I am completely invested in the inherent responsibility that design and construction bears in formulating our physical world. Being the spearhead of the Constructive Deconstruction vision, one could say I not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

If you would like to know more, please visit our Contact page here.

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