“Designed to fill in professional development gaps”

The Vision

Property development is arguably one of life’s greatest undertakings – it requires courage, faith, imagination and endurance from a whole team of building design professionals. This monumental task is further compounded by the incessant increase in building and environmental design complexity, paired with the industry operating as a minefield by nature. As a professional, staying informed and on top of everything can be tough!

So, if professionals are measured on what they leave behind and this stands as a testament to their long-standing reputation, then there is justification and merit in the need of an open information source that positions itself in providing valuable solutions to the many challenges faced by those exact same professionals. With this in mind, Archifiller™ was launched.

Designed to fill in professional development gaps, Archifiller™ is a direct online educational platform that provides editorials filled with knowledge, skills, experience and diverse points of view in order for you to keep your professional acumen in check, while simultaneously offering products and services to aid you in your career trajectory and progression.

No matter where you are at in your career as a building design professional, Archifiller™ will save you time, money and energy so that you can focus on investing wisely in making the right moves to progress your own competencies, leading you to greater project delivery, more responsibility, and ultimately, better job success.

The Values

At Archifiller™ we are principled in maintaining your strengths while simultaneously addressing your weaknesses within the building design profession, so that you can develop your own capabilities at your own pace and in turn, plan for bigger career opportunities. The following compartmentalises the editorials into specific subject areas that are relative to the scope of services and judgements that building design professionals typically convey. These are:

  • Design thinking
  • Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Practice Management
  • Property Development and
  • Urban Design and Masterplanning

A resourceful body of knowledge, skills, experience and diverse points of view will build with time as these categories are responded to, making Archifiller™ your strategic partner in staying informed and on top of things, so that you can confidently say and competently deliver professional building design services.

The Voice

Thomas Denhardt – Founder and Creative Director of Archifiller™

As the founder and creative director of Archifiller™, I am categorically invested in the inherent responsibility that building design professionals bear in formulating our physical world and in advancing our civilisation at large. With over a decade of tertiary education and professional experience in building design, it was an instinctive transition to harness the power of technology and muster the passion to launch the Archifiller™ educational platform.

Across this period of enlightenment, I have acquired the following credentials professionally to date (as of 2021):

  • New Zealand Registered Architect (via NZRAB as of 2020);
  • Commercial and industrial architecture experience – with roles as project lead, designer and technician
  • Residential and high-end apartment architecture experience – with roles as project lead, designer and technician
  • Contracted as an architectural journalist for architectureNZ – New Zealand’s national bi-monthly architecture magazine publication, and
  • Was part of the team that delivered the unconventional sustainable build ‘Earthship Te Timatanga’ as seen on Grand Designs NZ, Season 1, Episode 2

Through possessing the above credentials, one could say I not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. My insatiable need to learn and my aptitude towards being an industrious worker make me well-placed in spearheading the vision that is Archifiller™, coupled with my keen interest in cultures other than my own and my receptivity towards other peoples uniquely individual perspectives.

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